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Middle School


MS Morning Duty: Hulme/Harvey        MS Lunch Duty: Mickley/Batt

Monday, May 7      

6th grade field trip (Harvey)           

6:30 - All Sports Banquet             

Tuesday, May 8    

6:30 - FFA Banquet        

Wednesday, May 9   

9:00 am - PreK Graduation 

2:00 - Early Dismissal (semester tests

Thursday, May 10

 8:30 - Elem Awards Assembly

12:40 - Early Dismissal (semester tests)

 Last Day for Students

Positive Quotes by Middle School Students


“Think Positive and you will have a positive life. Look at the bright side of things and always be as positive as possible.” – Cherish Disbrow 

 “By doing a positve thing for another, your day will get better and so will there’s.” – Kayson Dudgeon

”Go forward and dont let anyone get in your way in life.” – Grace Clark 

”You should always have success if you come into every class positive.” – Angela Cardenas

“Never get in trouble.” – Ty Davis

“Keep your head up and not down.” – Elvira lopez 



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